Our PATENTED new training aid for pitcher's and catcher's emphasizes what the best coaches in the world are teaching their pitchers and catchers.  It has always been said that baseball is a game of inches, and it is these inches around the plate that are so important.

The Ultimate Pitcher's and Catcher's PlateTM


The ULTIMATE PITCHER'S and CATCHER'S PLATE TM is a very simple tool to use.  The orange edges are 5" wide on the top and 7" wide on the bottom front of the plate and are a visual target for the pitcher to see.  The 5" orange edges and the white part of the platecover 2.5" of a traditional home plate and 2.5" off of a traditional homeplate.  The back part of the plate is to help position the catcher.  The catcher is to center his or her body on the point of the white part of the plate, giving the pitcher the ultimate target to throw to on either corner of the plate.  This outstanding training tool is also perfect for fastpitch softball pitchers and catchers.       






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